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Institut für Pathologie

The research activity of the Institute is focussed on various aspects of investigative pathology, which aims at unraveling the mechanisms by which diseases arise and progress. In addition, the field of biomaterials & regenerative medicine have become major areas of research, carried out in the REPAIR-lab (Laboratory for Regenerative Pathology & Interface Research) which is one of the recognized laboratories in the EU Network of Excellence in Tissue Engineering (EXPERTISSUES). The German Federal Ministry of Education & Research (BMBF) awarded the REPAIR-lab funds for a German-Chinese Young Investigator Group in Regenerative Medicine for 5 years (2007-2012), forging a partnership with the Sichuan University in China.
The principal research tools in the REPAIR-lab are in vitro methods, applying modern techniques of cell & molecular biology, the validity of the data being then compared with data from in situ studies in various tissues and from a limited number of in vivo studies as proof of principle. Thus, reduction in animal experimentation is a further aim of our research.


Universitätsmedizin Mainz
Institut für Pathologie
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