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Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute for Medical Microbiology

The activities of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute of Medical Microbiology comprise research on infectious diseases and their pathogens, teaching of students of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Human Biology, Biology, Biochemistry, and Biomathematics, broad laboratory-based diagnostics of infectious diseases in patients, and advice of physicians in the field of diagnostics, therapy, and prevention of infectious diseases.

Since more than 100 years, the Institute of Medical Microbiology, the former Institute of Hygiene, is located in the historical city centre of Greifswald, Martin-Luther-Straße. In 1893, the University of Greifswald acquired the building. Friedrich Loeffler, a scholar of Robert Koch, developed it to an institute. Friedrich Loeffler came to world-wide scientific reputation by his outstanding work on the etiology of the foot-and-mouth disease and by detecting the pathogen of diphtheria.

During the past years, the Institute, full of tradition, has extensively been modernized and is now offering all facilities required for research and diagnostics of infectious diseases, e. g. by providing laboratories of biosafety level 3.


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Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute for Medical Microbiology
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