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USB Corporation has a long-standing reputation as a leader in the life sciences, fueling innovation in basic research, drug discovery and molecular diagnostics. The company history reaches back to the 1970s, known then as United States Biochemical, a company that specialized in supplying biochemicals to the research market. In the 1980s, a collaboration with scientists (Tabor & Richardson) at Harvard University led to the commercialization of Sequenase™ DNA Polymerase and the first easy-to-use DNA sequencing kits. This technology pioneered development of themostable enzymes and automation for high-throughput sequencing.

In 1993, United States Biochemical was purchased by Amersham Life Science, a British company who later merged with Swedish-owned Pharmacia Biotech in 1997. At that time, a group of local managers at USB acquired three of the original main product lines: biochemicals, molecular biology enzymes and manual DNA sequencing reagents. These products formed the basis of the new USB Corporation, founded in October of 1998. GE HealthCare, formerly Amersham Biosciences, continues to distribute USB products throughout the world.

In 2005, USB acquired Anatrace, a recognized leader in manufacturing detergents for membrane protein studies.  Anatrace offers a wide variety of unique, high-purity detergents including lipid-like Fos-Choline® detergents, CYMAL® detergents, and PMAL™ polymeric solubilization aids.

Today, USB Corporation once again focuses on our core competencies of innovation and customization, with well-known brands such as ExoSAP-IT® for PCR Clean-Up, USB Taq, FideliTaq™ & HotStart-IT™, Tested User Friendly™ (TUF) MB enzymes, Sequenase™, Ultrapure Biochemicals, PrepEase® purification products and Convenience Reagents.  USB products are readily available through our US and German offices, through our WW distribution partner, GE HealthCare, or in Canada from MJS BioLynx.

USB Corporation is ISO 9001:2000 certified, assuring quality and services that customers expect.  USB is committed to bringing the highest quality life science reagents to our customers. We value all types of feedback because it helps us develop new and better products.


USB Europe GmbH

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