WWU Münster

Institut für Biochemie und Biotechnologie der Pflanzen

With ca. 40,000 students, the University of Münster is one of the largest universities of Germany, home of strong schools in the natural sciences. Within the School of Biology, the Department of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology is engaged both in fundamental research in plant cell biology and physiology, and in applied research in plant biotechnology. The main focus of the Molecular Plant Pathology group of Prof. Moerschbacher is an understanding of the molecular basis of cell-cell recognition of cereal plants and their fungal pathogens, and the knowledge-based development of plant protection strategies using bio-active polysaccharides. We are an international group of ca. 15 BSc-, MSc-, and PhD-students, technical assistants and post-doctoral researchers, with strong international and interdisciplinary links to partners in Europe, South Africa, Brazil, and India - united in the goal of furthering scientific knowledge with the aim of sustainable problem solving, and scientific career development.


WWU Münster
Institut für Biochemie und Biotechnologie der Pflanzen
Hindenburgplatz 55
48143 Münster
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