Navigo Proteins GmbH

 Mitarbeiter: 11-50
Navigo Proteins GmbH is a privately owned protein engineering company, based in Halle/Saale, Saxony- Anhalt, Germany. Its core business includes the development of targeted carriers for radio imaging and -therapy, as well as products for affinity biomanufacturing of recombinant therapeutic proteins and antibodies.  

Navigo Proteins established a proprietary protein engineering platform to create Affilin® scaffold proteins with high stability, affinity and specificity. These properties are ideally tailored for applications in precision targeting and precision capture of biomolecules and overcome several recognised antibody limitations.

Operating through its two business units, Navigo Precision Targeting and Navigo Precision Capturing, Navigo leverages its state-of-the-art protein engineering technologies and in-house expertise to successfully deliver programmes for its global industry partners.

Navigo Proteins was founded as Scil Proteins in 1999 at the Technology and Founder Center in Halle/Saale, Germany. 2017 UV-Cap GmbH & Co KG, Ravensburg, has acquired 100% of the shares of Scil Proteins from Bionet Ventures GmbH, Munich.

Navigo Proteins is a dynamic place to work. The company focuses on cutting edge technology and provides a working environment that combines creative science with a culture of excellence in protein engineering. Navigo Proteins believes in open and transparent communication. The company offers its employees the opportunity to gain a broad range of experience across all aspects of the organization, with a strong focus on autonomy and early responsibility. It provides the perfect environment for starting a career in the life science industry.

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Gründungsjahr: 1999
Mitarbeiter: 11-50
Expansion: international

In unserem Unternehmen arbeiten Mitarbeiter in diesen Arbeitsgebieten:
Consulting, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse, Forschung & Entwicklung, Forschung & Lehre, Marketing, Produktion, Qualitätsmanagement, Sonstige Tätigkeitsfelder, Technische Assistenz, Technischer Service & Kundenservice, Vertrieb, Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in

In unserem Unternehmen arbeiten Mitarbeiter mit den folgenden fachlichen Qualifikationsprofilen:
Pharma, Biologie & Life Sciences, Chemie, Veterinärmedizin, Medizintechnik, Biotechnologie, Humanmedizin, Healthcare & Gesundheitswesen


Navigo Proteins GmbH

Heinrich-Damerow-Str. 1
6120 Halle